As an International medical college here at The Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh we like to continuously update and modernise our communications to reach our Fellows and Members around the world.

Our excellent AV technician Davie has spent the last year installing new and much improved web streaming technology, allowing lectures and meetings to be live streamed to destinations across the UK and around the world.  We can stream out flash content, which can be viewed by any .html browser and/or Quicktime at the same time.   Although Davie and the team have been live streaming for the last 7 years, the delivery is faster and of a better quality with the results being really well received by our audiences.

So you can hold a conference in Edinburgh but deliver to an audience just about anywhere.

Davie and his colleagues would be delighted to discuss web streaming or any of the audio visual services that we offer to our clients when hiring our venues, so please get in touch with the team at or visit the AV page to find out more.


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